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Are You Getting A Stimulus Check?

The Coronavirus pandemic continues to impact millions of Americans’ financial well-being and every day lives. The Internal Revenue Service has announced that the majority of Americans will receive a $1,200 disaster assistance relief payment issued in April. However, if you don’t have an income or don’t usually file a tax return, it is difficult to predict if you are eligible.

The good news is that IRS has finally developed an online registration tool for stimulus checks. This tool is designed for those who aren’t required to file a tax return and those who don’t usually make enough money to do so. The online tool requires you to fill out some basic personal information and it only takes a few minutes to confirm whether you qualify, calculate your amount and send your check. Visit and click on Non-Filers: Enter Payment Info Here to get started!

When Will Your Check Arrive?

Stimulus checks are distributed automatically starting April 12, 2020. The checks can be directly deposited into your bank account sent to your address in paper form. Keep in mind, paper checks will take longer to receive. The IRS is also developing a second online tool that will provide updates on your stimulus check status. This tool is expected to be available on April 17th.

Should You Use This Tool?

Click here to learn more information on whether or not you should use this tool!

Posted on April 14th, 2020 by Leventhal, Sutton and Gornstein

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